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Hello, my name is Karli Scott and I am a landscape designer in Miami, Florida.

Having grown up in a post-industrial town in the Northeast, I'm passionate about finding ways to celebrate landscapes for their history, potential for social programming, and ecological function. I believe underutilized spaces have the greatest capability to enhance civic life.

My mission is to design physical environments that are regenerative, thoughtful, contextual, and social. In the small scale, this can mean a design that supports the natural habitat, provides seasonal interest, resolves stormwater issues, and engages users in the outdoor environment. At the large scale, I enjoy designing regional strategies for adopting post-industrial spaces as public spaces, appropriating vacant land, and planning for urban regeneration.

When I'm not working, I'm visiting plant nurseries, sending handwritten letters, folding origami, drinking copious amounts of coffee, or photographing plants.

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